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Amulets Healing Crystals Jewelry

Each Amulet is handcrafted by artisans.
Designed by Susan Buzard Buchanan, these healing crystal jewelry amulets are incredibly beautiful.
Each crystal has a specific vibration. These crystals are combined to promote healing.
These Amulets can also be used as pendulums.
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These are the best quality amulets one can find. Designed by Susan Buzard Buchanan, each is unique and powerful. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and these crystals are combined to provide specific vibrations that heal. The amulets are categorized in Angels and Archangels, Ascension, Astrological, Chakras, Elements, Lightworkers, Reiki, Seven Light Centers, Sea Goddess, Transformational Series, and Vision Hawk. Each category has a variety of amulets. These Amulets Healing Crystal Jewelry are designed with a purpose in mind and created with a great deal of care. Each amulet is original and serves a specific purpose. We know you will love your Healing Crystals Jewelry Amulet. You will benefit from the healing crystals and the beauty of your amulet will make you the envy of your friends!

Artists exclusively create our product line. No two pieces are ever alike. All stones are natural, polished and/or free-formed crystals. Inclusions and clouds may appear but are naturally occurring and enhance the power of the crystal. Through all our efforts we try to create a product that will serve and create well being for the customer. All of the pendants come with a black cord and information card. All earrings are Sterling Silver. All other products are made with lead free silver/tin solder.