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Our Bath and Beauty items focus on health and skin.
Scrubs are great for making skin look and feel new.
Specialty soaps are gentle on your skin and make you feel great.
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Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt
So many Bath and Beauty items now are mass produced in factories. These items are made with chemicals and ingredients that many of us can't pronounce much less know if they are safe to use on our skin.
We believe in natural ingredients that are safe to use and good for our skin. The use of sugar and salt scrubs have become popular because these scrubs combined with oils work to sluff off dead skin cells and make our skin feel soft and look new.
Specialty soaps have fewer ingredients than mass produced soaps. These few ingredients are natural and beneficial to our skin. I personally love soap made with goat's milk because it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. Coconut oil is also a great ingredient for any skin product because it absorbs deeply into the skin and moisturizes better than many other ingredients.
We are planning to add more items to our Bath and Beauty section that are unique original products that we know you will love. Please keep visiting our site for updates!!