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Himalayan Salt Lamps are beautifully aesthetic and beneficial in our homes.
These Himalayan Salt Lamps look great in any room! They clean the air and also make great night lights!
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Himalayan Salt Lamps when heated give off negative ions. Negative ions increase our awareness and give us more mental energy. We surround ourselves with electronics. Our TV's, cell phones, laptops, and tablets all give off positive ions. The negative ions generated by warm Himalayan salt help counteract the positive ions. Himalayan Salt Lamps help clean the air of allergens, and cigarette smoke among other pollutants.
The warm glow of the Himalayan Salt Lamps is relaxing and gives a wonderful ambiance to your home. If it is really dark in your home at night the Himalayan Salt Lamps make great night lights.
Medically Himalayan Salt Lamps have not been proven to have health benefits, however many people swear they have received relief from nosebleeds, and sinus issues. They promote relaxation and make a great accent to any room.