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Our Essential Oils are quality oils. Nothing relaxes like aromatherapy. Our Essential Oils are great for use in diffusers, massage, or a warm bath. Essential oils can be used in place of certain medications for things like headaches, relaxation, or to heal wounds.
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Our quality Essential Oils have multiple uses. They can be combined with other oils to reduce stress or lift one's spirits. Use them in a diffuser or put a few drops in your bath. Our Essential Oils can be added to a base oil like coconut oil and used for massage. Aromatherapy can help with many problems. Lavender oil can be used to reduce stress and calm anxiety. Cedarwood Oil can be used to help bronchitis and even alopecia. Orange Oil is uplifting and can help reduce depression. Lemongrass Oil can be used as a natural insect repellant. Diluted Lemongrass Oil makes a good flea and tick repellent for pets. Tea Tree Oil has many uses. It helps cuts and abrasions and even poison ivy. Tea Tree Oil can help nail fungus, repel insects, and help atheletes foot.